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Online Christmas Pantos

Christmas Panto Goes Online for 2020!

If your annual Christmas family trip to the Pantomime is sadly cancelled this year, don't let that stop you from enjoying the songs, laughter and cheekiness of a great panto! There are some fabulous pantomimes available to watch online this year. We have decided to roundup the best of the online Christmas Pantos to bring the merriment to all of us in the comfort of our own homes. So why not gather the family, grab some sweets and festive snacks, get your best 'he's behind you' ready and follow along from your very own sofa!

Here's a round-up of the best online Christmas pantomimes out there:

Snow White in the Seven Months of Lockdown - King's Head Theatre, Islington, London

Dates: 14th -31st December – this panto is not live and links will be sent at 9am on Monday 14th and you can choose when to access.

Price per household: £30 premium/Standard £25/Concession £20

This Christmas, Charles Court Opera return with the fairest boutique panto of them all, bringing their enduring mix of toe-tapping music, side-splitting gags and festive frivolity to the comfort of your living room for the very first time.

Sit back, relax and get your magic mirrors ready for Snow White in the Seven Months of Lockdown, a brand new film created over the last seven (or-so) months and featuring interactive, viewer-choice-moments. As this cheeky and inventive take on the age-old story unfolds, what happens next is up to you!

Goldilocks and the 3 Bearz - Basel English Panto Group, Switzerland

Dates: 12th and 13th December

Price: Individual (1-2 people) CHF15 (approx. £12.50)/ 2+ family CHF25 (approx.£20)

Loosely based on the well-known children’s story, the panto contains the traditional elements we love – an outrageous Dame, dashing Prince and beautiful Princess, a love triangle and a very nasty villain.

Goldilocks is sent off on a quest to find some Bärlauch. During her search in the woods, she falls into a trap set by her nemesis but finds refuge in a cottage. Little does she know some very woke Bearz own the place.

Led by Goldilocks’ side-kick, her friends and family set off to rescue her and after some intense detective work, the day is saved. A couple of happy endings bring our story to its finale.

Sleeping Beauty - the Original Online Panto Company

Dates: 14th December 2020 – January 3rd 2021

Price per household: £15.49 (tickets are valid for 4 days after the first stream)

The Original Online Panto Company is proud to present a magical production from Polka Dot Pantomimes, the spellbinding fairy-tale of Sleeping Beauty that was filmed in front of a live audience at the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn.

Jack and the Beanstalk - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Dates: 1st – 31st December

Price per household: £16

Life has been turned upside-down in the village of Prickly Bottom. An evil Giant and his horrible henchman Fleshcreep have pinched the enchanted harp that helps keep Prickly Bottom peaceful, safe and prosperous! But Fairy Fluff thinks she’s found a way to save the day.

When poor Jack Trott is forced to sell his beloved cow Daisy, Fairy Fluff makes him a special offer in the form of some magic beans, Waking up the next day, Jack find a mysterious beanstalk growing in his garden and a magical adventure soon begins.

Cinderella - Panto Live Online - “The world’s first interactive live stream pantomime”

Dates: 18th – 24th December - various times available, some are live and some are live recorded.

Price per household: £19.97

This is a pantomime with a difference. On booking, you will receive a fun pantomime activity pack. As this performance is very interactive with a virtual online audience, chances to sing-along and interactive buttons to use such as clapping and cheering. Due to the interactive nature audience numbers are limited so be sure to book early.

Free Panto

Some theatres have made their pantos available for free from previous years. Although these theatres are keen that you enjoy for free, they are welcoming donations.

Aladdin - The Roses Theatre 2019 performance.

Beauty and the Beast – The Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre 2019 performance.

Christmas Theatre (not Panto)

Although not panto, during our research, we came across two more brilliant looking performances that we couldn’t help but include:

Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker - The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury

Date: 20th and 21st December

Price per household: £10-£15

On Christmas Eve, Marie receives a nutcracker doll as a gift. In her dreams, the toy turns into a courageous and charming prince, who takes the girl on an unforgettable adventure. This eternal holiday classic is the Bolshoi’s ode to wonder and imagination. Audiences of all ages will be carried away on an enchanting journey of their dreams with young Marie and her Prince through a whirlwind of snowflakes, an intense battle against a Mouse King, and finally, a kingdom of delights on the Bolshoi’s majestic stage.

Father Christmas - Tobacco Theatre, Bristol

Dates: 9th – 24th December

Price per household: £15 (this performance is not live and your link will be sent to you soon after booking).

Now newly rehearsed and filmed especially to be watched in your home, this is the perfect Christmas production at a time when we all need a gorgeous festive treat. From the comfort of your home, watch Briggs’ grumpy but loveable Father Christmas as he gets ready for his busiest day of the year, Christmas Eve. Preparing his Christmas deliveries, feeding his reindeer and finally taking flight into the snowy night.

That's the final curtain for our guide to online Christmas pantomimes this year. We hope you get a chance to enjoy some of these.

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