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Kimberley Boyd- Coach & Birth and Postnatal Doula

Lincolnshire based Birth & Postnatal Doula

My passion lies with supporting women through their journey into and throughout motherhood.

My extensive training and experience both professionally and personally has brought me to where I am today and the business I've created provides an outstanding service which I am proud of.

I am here to hold your hand every step of the way, guiding you, reassuring you, empowering you, providing you information and knowledge. Ensuring you feel ready and prepared to welcome your baby into the world, supporting you through the birth or in the first few weeks of motherhood and beyond.

What is a Doula? 

"Doulas provide continuous support for the whole family through pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood. Filling a role that new mothers and families have always needed, we are there to listen, give confidence and not judge. Offering flexible, practical and emotional support we work in women’s own homes as well as in hospitals throughout the UK.

Doulas are usually experienced women who have completed some basic training. We do not offer clinical skills and are not medically trained. ("

I cover most of Lincolnshire from Grimsby, Skegness, Boston, Sleaford, Lincoln and Newark and everywhere in between.

 Why should I hire a Doula?.... 

You might be thinking.....but why would I need a Doula - won't I get all this from my midwife/health visitor? Sadly, not always no. Due to staff shortages and busy maternity units care can be really stretched meaning things can be overlooked regarding the woman's wishes and often they simply do not have the time to be a constant caregiver during labour or even fully explain everything to them. 

While I am in no way there to replace the midwives and fully respect their role in the birth - I believe we work together as a team to fully support you. I can provide that constant support and encouragement and will be with you every step of the way, never leaving the room to care for other women at the 

You can find out more about my Doula services on The Doula Directory.

Hypnobirthing Classes

I provide group Hypnobirthing Workshops but can also offer specially designed 1:1 preparation classes within your own home or via zoom at a time to suit you and to meet your needs. 

More information about my Hypnobirthing Workshops can be found here. 

The workshops usually include a light lunch/snacks and refreshments for each couple. A gift pack for each expectant mother and class resources to take home. You will also get access to our full online hypnobirthing course for further learning and use of MP3s and scripts at home. 

You can book Hypnobirthing workshops here. 

The Mama Mojo Method

“The Mama Mojo Method is a unique coaching programme designed especially for overwhelmed, anxious mums who want to find clarity, improve confidence and go from struggling to Sparkling”

The Mama Mojo Club is here to support stressed out struggling mums regain their sparkle.

Are you lacking confidence as a mum and feeling that you are not good enough?

  • Are you lacking energy and feeling burnt out?
  • Are you needing to find balance and clarity to successfully juggle all of your many hats?
  • Are you looking for a space you can come where there is no judgement and you feel safe and empowered?

Then the Mama Mojo Club is for you!

Exclusive Free membership to my private Facebook group will give you access to do just that and more. Here's what some Mamas say...

Are you ready to get your Mama Mojo back and go from Struggling to Sparking??

Then come on in and join the club. 

Find out more about The Mama Mojo Method here.

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