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Winter Explorers Challenge - Boultham Park Mini Explorers (The MagPyes)

Through December 2020 until January 31st 2021

This is a fantastic activity run by Boultham Park Mini Explorers (The MagPyes). This Winter why not take part in the Winter Explorers Challenge, where you can earn points for different nature themed challenges set on their Facebook page.

Challenges include creating wintery art work, finding signs of winter, feeding the birds, going on a winter walk, a litter pick or doing an act of kindness in your local area.

How to enter : post to the Boultham Mini Explorers page / comment on a challenge post / send a message of any of the activities you've done that day and your point will be recorded. 

Points Board

  • 2 points -  create some wintery art work
  • 2 points - find a sign of Winter
  • 2 points - feed the birds
  • 5 points - go on a wild winter walk
  • 5 points - complete a mini challenge (check out the page for details weekly) 
  • 10 points - Do a litter pick in your local area. (Please wear gloves and be safe) 
  • 10 points - Do an act of kindness within the community.

Challenge Rules

  • You can enter daily, but only 1 of each section per day (eg 1 piece of art or 1 sign of winter)  
  • Your points will accumulate until the competition ends on January 31st. 
  • Points mean prizes. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. (These will be collection Lincoln and won't be posted).
  • As we have a varied range of ages these will be determined at the end of the competition to fit with child's age. 
  • Photos won't be necessary but you may wish to share if you want to.


 Please follow all up to date government guidelines when partaking in any activities. Do not put yourself or others at risk. 

Have fun and stay safe.  

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