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Seek by iNaturalist App

When you're out on your walk with the kids, why not test your knowledge of the nature around you using the Seek app! We tried and tested this on our walk to the woods, and it was lots of fun, kept the boys engaged on their walk and we learnt so much about the nature around us. It's the perfect way for families to use technology to explore and learn more about the nature which surrounds us.

Using the power of image recognition technology, the camera can help you identify the plants and animals all around you.

You can also take part in monthly observation challenges or encourage children to earn badges for seeing different types of birds, amphibians, plants, and fungi.

How Seek by iNaturalist works

  • Download the Seek by iNaturalist app

  • Head outside... you can either go out in your garden or local park or head out for a walk further afield.

  • Use the Seek Camera in the app and point at living things.

  • Identify wildlife, plants, and fungi and learn about the organisms all around you.

  • Earn badges for observing different types of species and participating in challenges.

This app is free to download.

"No registration is involved, and no user data is collected. Seek will ask permission to turn on location services, but your location is obscured to respect your privacy while still allowing species suggestions from your general area. Your precise location is never stored in the app or sent to iNaturalist." - iNaturalist

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