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Microworld: Lincoln, a new exhibition at The Collection Museum, is an immersive, digital world filled with creatures that you can design, interact, and play with.

Microworld: Lincoln | The Collection

  • 9th July - 2nd October 2022
  • Open Wednesdays - Mondays, 10am - 4pm

Microworlds are spectacular digital worlds or ecosystems that are filled with amazing creatures. Inspired by ecosystems found in nature, these digital creatures have life cycles, energy needs and survival techniques.

The creatures respond both to each other and you, the audience. You can interact with the creatures or design your very own and release them into the interactive Microworld.

As seen at Eureka in 2018 but never-before shown on this scale in the UK, the exhibition is made of 8 different Microworlds for you to play with. Like an ecosystem, each of the Microworlds in the gallery creates cascades of action and reaction that impact the others, forming part of the wider digital world in the gallery.

Suitable for all ages, we invite you to sing, dance, play and create in Microworld: Lincoln.


  • General admission: £3
  • Unders 2s: Free
  • ArtFund tickets: Half price

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