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Hypnobirthing Classes with Kimberley Boyd

Saturday 25th September 2021 | 10am

Saturday 27th September 2021 | 10am

My support services start right from the beginning, offering you guidance and reassurance as you and your partner prepare for the birth of your baby. I provide group Hypnobirthing Workshops but can also offer specially designed 1:1 preparation classes within your own home or via zoom at a time to suit you and to meet your needs. 

My services are designed to offer something for different budgets and provide you support through your pregnancy, your birth and into motherhood, a constant companion for you every step of the way.

Cost: £169

Venue: Trinity Centre, Eastgate, Louth, LN11 8DJ

Booking for 25th September: You can book your session here

Booking for 27th November: You can book your session here

More information about my Hypnobirthing Workshops and what they entail as standard but again these can be tailored to meet your own needs.....

Usually run over one day workshops they will provide you with all the knowledge, tools and confidence to have a positive empowering birth experience. Small groups of no more than 4 couples on each workshop will provide an intimate supportive learning environment. Please message me for current availability. Some topics we will cover during the day are....

  • Birth physiology - how birth works
  • The path to birth - different stages of labour 7 ways to manage your labour The mind & body connection.
  • What is hypnobirthing, how can it help my labour and how to use it.
  • Birth preferences / things to consider
  • Understanding the fourth trimester (the first weeks with your new baby).
  • Further support options.

The workshops usually include a light lunch/snacks and refreshments for each couple. A gift pack for each expectant mother and class resources to take home. You will also get access to our full online hypnobirthing course for further learning and use of MP3s and scripts at home. Please contact me with any questions or extra information required. Unfortunately other children may not attend the workshops with parents.

I believe that valuing your birth experiences, educating yourself and gaining good evidence based information to enable you to make informed choices and having a good support network really is key to positive outcomes. Working with women who are highly anxious and even fear birth (Tokophobia) is something I am particularly interested in. Using my emotional health coaching knowledge to work through these fears and support you to prepare for a calm and confident birth.

What is Hypnobirthing? 

"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all dip in and out of each day, for example.. waking and falling asleep, day dreaming/staring into space, driving, reading a good book or watching a good film. It can be hard to truly define as each person will experience hypnosis differently. One thing it is often referred to (when used purposefully) is a feeling of deep relaxation. Using relaxation scripts and breathing exercises to input positive messages to the subconscious mind. The client is always in full control of the hypnosis and can stop at any time. All I do is facilitate it and positively influence your thoughts. The client is the one in control and they have to work with me to ‘allow’ themselves to relax and receive the hypnosis, and the more they practice it the easier it will become and the more they will benefit. Using hypnosis in birth can bring many benefits to allow the woman to 'switch off' relax and trust in her body so it can do what it is designed to do and birth her baby. It can be used anywhere anytime and in any position giving you a flexible reliable tool"