How to Make Edible Slime

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Hobbycraft shares 3 easy ways to make edible slime at home!

Discover three edible slime recipes that are just as stretchy and gooey as the slime you love – but they taste good too! You can choose from marshmallow slime, gummy bear slime and chocolate dough slime, or perhaps just make all three.

Make sure you give your hands a good wash before you get started, and cover clothes and surfaces, as the DIY slime has oil and colouring in it that will stain clothes. Note that it will lose its elasticity after a while, but you can add it back in by giving it a 10 second blast in the microwave. Just make sure you check it is not too hot before you get your hands on it. Requires adult supervision.

Visit the Hobbycraft website to see list of ingredients and recipe.

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